You may be looking for Dinosaur Land as it appears in Super Mario: An Evil Rising. For this, see Dinosaur Land (Super Mario: An Evil Rising).

Dinosaur Land
Dinosaur Land MGC
Dinosaur Land, as it appears in Dinosaur Land 64.
Greater Location Mushroom World
First Appearance Super Mario World
Latest Appearance Super Mario 3D Land II
Current Inhabitant(s)
Location Type Island
Notable Resident(s)

Dinosaur Land is a location in the Mushroom World, and the setting of Super Mario World and Super Mario 3D Land II. It features several Yoshis.


Game Apperances

Superior Mario World

Dinosaur Land is the main setting of this game. Little is currently known, but it will feature several new locations.

Dinosaur Land 64

Hence its name, Dinosaur Land appeared in this game. It is revealed that it is the originating home of Birdos and several other strange creatures. The land has been attacked by Kamek.

Lava Path series

Dinosaur Land is the setting of most games in the Lava Path series, with Lava World being the only exception, with it having a role at the end and beginning of RPG mode. The skies of Dinosaur Land is the setting of Lava Path: Flight Fight.

Super Mario Odyssey Two

Dinosaur Land appears in this game as the 'Dinosaur Kingdom' and is the greater location of Yoshi's Island and the second kingdom (level) that the player visits.