Dinosaur Chief Timberack Tomba Rex
Dinosaur Cheif Timberack Tomba Rex
The dinosaur chief
Full Name Dinosaur Chief Timberack Tomba Rex
Current Age 650,000,000,000 (formerly 44)
Date of Birth Month of Fire the 4th (June 4 in the dinosaur tribe calender)650,000,000,044 B.C
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Male
Species Dinosaur/Phantom
Location Island of the Dinosaur Tribe
Current Status Deceased
Class Chief/leader
Main Weapon(s) Claws, teeth
Ability/ies Earthquake groundpound, killer bites, cause major injuries with claws
Vulnerable To Volcanos, wolves
Height 342 ft.
Weight 3,054 lbs.
First Appearance Legend of the Dinosaur Tribe
Latest Appearance Dinosaur Tribe: Chaos of the Tiger Tribe
Dinosaur Chief Timberack Tomba Rex, or just Chief Timberack is the chief and leader of the dinosaur tribe. He is the strongest and most dangerous dinosaur of the tribe. 


Chief Timberack is an orange T-Rex. His irises are lime and his eyes are yellow. From his chest to his tail, it is lime. He has blue stripes on his back. He has red spikes on his tail. He has a hairstyle going from blue to black. He has 2 fingers like most T-Rexes. 

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