After being sent to the skies, Kevgar, Thombo and Tirex are given 3 airfighters, the Red Blazer, the Blue Buster, and the Golden Bomber.

Plot and Gameplay

Kevgar, Tirex and Thombo are sent to the air, and are given Airfighters by a mechanic named Jay. The players are immediantly given the option of being either Kevgar, Tirex, Thombo or Jay. The has a standard fule tank, okay aim, good speed, and medium fire power. He is balanced. Tirex is extremely fast and has a high fire power, but his fule tank and aim are very low. He is speedy. Thombo has amazing aim and fule tank, but low speed and below average fire power. He is Technical. Jay, has a great fule tank and good fire power, but bad aim and okay speed. The game is a first to four person shooter.

Playable Characters

Kevgar- He rides the Red Blazer, which is a standard flyer.

Thombo- Rides

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