Dino Piranha

Dino Piranha is a dinosaur-like Piranha that greatly resembles Petey Piranha. He is an alien that hatched from an egg during a boss battle with Mario. He is known to have quite a temper, like most babies do. He is known as one of the youngest characters in the Mario series.


Super Mario MHL

He appears in Super Mario MHL with the number 35. He shares chemistry with the other bosses in Super Mario Galaxy as well as Petey Piranha.

Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest

Dino Piranha's Stats
Dino PiranhaSprite
Location Sarasaland
HP 2700
Power 35; 40; 72
Defense 65
EXP 400
Coins 320
Items 1 Golden Mushroom

A Shadow Shard

Dino Piranha appears as a boss in Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest. He's a boss in the Sarasaland location. After being defeated, Ztar posseses him, turning him into Dark Dino Piranha, making him black and purple colored, and much stronger, in-battle, Dark Dino Piranha is alongside Ztar. However, is optional to beat him, being Ztar the principal in being defeated.

Nintendo Plays: Racing! II: Kart Party

He is set to appear as a referee in Nintendo Plays: Racing! II: Kart Party.

DX Mario RPG 2: The Stars Await the One Who Seeks the Treasure

Dino Piranha is a boss in DX Mario RPG 2: The Stars Await the One Who Seeks the Treasure as a boss in the Bad Egg Galaxy and returns as Snowy Dino Piranha in the Battle Snow Galaxy.

Super Mario Adventures: The Series

Dino Piranha makes his next few appearances as a boss in Super Mario Adventures: The Series. His first appearance in the series was Super Mario Adventures. Of course he, like msny pf the bosses from the previous game, will be reappearing in Super Mario Adventures II.

Mario Kart: Double Dash 2!!

Dino Piranha appears in his first game as a playable character in Mario Kart: Double Dash 2!!. He is a Heavyweight that is paired up with Petey Piranha.

Mario Kart Burst

Dino Piranha appears in Mario Kart Burst in Mission 2-8 as a boss. The player must face him as Rosalina and must be defeated using Fire Flowers.

Super Mario Party 10


Dino Piranha in Super Mario Party 10.

He is the boss of the Bianco Hills board in this game. His boss minigame is Dino Piranha's Coconut Kickball.

New Super Mario Heroes U

Dino Piranha in appears as a tower boss in World 7; Dino Land. He needs to be hit by a light block 3 times to be defeated.

Super Mario Bros.: Fury Combined!

Dino Piranha is a boss in World 6: Foggy Forest.

Iguana Beats Florasaur

Dino Piranha returns in Godzilla vs. Bowser as Iggy's minion and the World 4 fortress boss.

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