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Dino Escape II
Developer(s) Expansion Corporations, Inc.
Publisher(s) Expansion Corporations, Inc.
Platform(s) Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X/Mac


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Platforming, Puzzle, Action Adventure

Dino Escape II is the sequel to Dino Escape. It's released for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Macintosh computers.

The late Jurassic, 149 mya. A young Piveteausaurus gets separated from his parents by Allo, a sadistic Allosaurus. He kills the Piveteausaurus' father, leaving his mother to run off in the forest, although she forgets to take her children with her. Allo notices the Piveteausaurus and gives chase.

After a long chase scene, the dinos arrive at a cave. The Piveteausaurus runs in, with Allo being too collosal to fit in. There, the Piveteausautus meets a Compsognathus, Compso, and his family. After the family gets to know his tragic story, they accept him in the family. They run out of food, however. Pivet, as the family calls him, doesn't want his new family to get harmed and he sacrifices himself, wanting to prove he can kill a dino and take it to the nest.

In the swamp, however, he notices Allo eating the carcass of several Dryosaurus. Pivet attempts to sneak past but is surprise attacked by Allo, who noticed him all the time. Allo shows Pivet his siblings, which he captured, and threatens to feed them to his comrads Strepto and Eustrepto (a Streptospondylus and a Eustreptospondylus, respectively). He will spare them, however, shall Pivet lure the Compsognathus out of the grotto and have Allo get the kill. Pivet rushes to cave and tells he's been forced to kill the Compsognathus, but also that he's going to trick Allo into thinking Pivet massacred the Compsognathus family, by using painted carcasses of Dryosaurus instead. Allo falls for this trick, but being the Judas he is, he betrays Allo and decides to kill the siblings anyway. Pivet attempts to stop Allo.

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