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Dino-Torch SMW3D
Dino-Torches, sometimes called Mini-Rhinos[1][2], are green, large-eyed dinosaurs encountered in Super Mario World, mostly living on Chocolate Island. Dino-Torches attack by either charging at Mario and Luigi or attempting to roast him with their fire breathing, which can be sprayed upward or forward. A Dino-Torch can be defeated with a stomp or star, but care must be taken that Mario or Luigi does not jump into its flames.

When a Dino Rhino is jumped on, it will transform into a Dino-Torch; this is odd, as Dino Rhinos display no fire breathing abilities in their regular form. While Dino Rhinos are immune to fire; their smaller counterparts are not. The Dino-Torches are also more agile and mobile; they can jump higher and move faster. In Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, Dino-Torches only found in Swinging Bars of Doom.

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