Dinky Kong artwork

Dinky Kong (January 23 1994-November 30 1997) was Kiddy Kong's brother. He died during the making of Donkey Kong Continent. His retinas exploded, he had a seizure a stroke and a heart attack all at once, tripped onto a puddle of inconveniently placed acid and crashed through the window. He fell 48 feet, yet he survived. Until a cinder block crushed him. It was rumored that the evil "Lisaluchalu" (Romanian for Demon) dropped the cinder block which crushed him, but the doctors were able to revive him in the hospital. He accidentally slapped the knife tray, and all the knives flew into his stomach. Somehow, a hornet's nest inside the building was quite angry and stung him several times. He then hobbled into a dumb-waiter and was dropped into a furnace below. That was how he died.

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