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Dimitri in The Temple of Dreams.
Full Name Dimitri
Current Age 16
Date of Birth April 22
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) Bow & Arrow
First Appearance The Temple of Dreams
Latest Appearance The Temple of Paradise
Dimitri is one of the five main protagonists in The Temple of Dreams series. He was rebooted into the Ziama Prime timeline as of The Temple of Paradise.


He is currently residing in a Realm named "Raid Hallows", which is very well known across the universe for possessing very high skills in the trade of hunting. Dimitri has dark grey eyes, red luminous hair and black trousers which are ripped in some areas.


Dimitri is a very valiant and daring hunter from the Realm of Raid Hallows, a place where hunting is the main focus and produce which keeps the Realm's ecosystem in balance. Like the rest of the Raiders, he loves to hunt for wild prey and often cooks his catches himself, he is also a fan of drawing sketches and symbols to communicate between himself and his friends efficiently in a somewhat secret language. He left home at a young age as his parents thought it would toughen him up for the world and the life ahead of him. Dimitri is travelling the world in an attempt to find and hunt the wildest beast in existence, the Alpha Boar, so he can hang it in his bedroom to admire.


His signature weapon is his Bow and Arrows, which allow him to attack from a distance where possible, which can prove to be a huge advantage over many enemies.


The Temple of Paradise

Dimensional Destruction












PROJECTS: Ziama Prime
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