Digicide mk2: Tucker's Themes
Musician/Band Cobweb
Genre(s) electronic music, video game music, alternative rock
Release Date(s)
Previous Album Yukimazan EP
Next Album N/A

Digicide mk2: Tucker's Themes is an upcoming release by Cobweb (tbc). It will be a return to the sound of Digicide & Technocide, and is for the most part an extension of the Digicide half of the aforementioned double EP. It is Cobweb's first full-length album, and will serve as the soundtrack for the upcoming game "YoshiEgg: Disruption."
It will retain the Digicide tracks "Tucker's Theme" and "Time Holes." The rest of the songs will be new. Only one new song, the closing track "Hope You Been Well," has actually been revealed; the rest remain unknown.

Confirmed tracks

As the track listing is not yet fully decided, this section is subject to change.

  1. Tucker's Theme
  2. Time Holes
  3. Hope You Been Well


Digicide mk2 will essentially be a more rock-oriented and longer version of the original Digicide. "Tucker's Theme" and "Time Holes" will both be remixed for the album.

Unlike most previous Cobweb albums, this one will feature vocals sung by him. Of all the songs, only the lyrics for "Hope You Been Well" have been revealed.

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