Digicide & Technocide
Digicide 1

Technocide 1
Album covers of Digicide (top) and Technocide (bottom).
Musician/Band Cobweb
Genre(s) ambient music, electronic music
Release Date(s)
June 9th 2010
Lab Rat
Tucker's Theme
Previous Album N/A
Next Album Lab Rat single

Digicide and Technocide are a pair of EPs released by Cobweb (tbc) on June 9th, 2010; together, they make up an album. Digicide contains tracks designed to serve as themes for characters such as Overman Supreme and Tantrumm, while Technocide consists of independent songs. So far, two singles- Lab Rat and Tucker's Theme- have been released to promote Technocide and Digicide, respectively.


Digicide and Technocide consist of heavily electronic, ambient songs. They vary from peaceful ("Tucker's Theme") to nightmarish ("Lab Rat", "Tiptoe Up Behind Tantrum"). Cobweb's voice is rarely heard- the shouting during Lab Rat is the only time- Spark01 (tbc) provides the "Yup!" at the beginning of Tucker's Theme.
Most of the songs were created via distortion and looping. "Thud Beat" features the most samples on the album: the drumbeat is sampled off of a Youtube video, and intro and outro include samples of classical music. "Techno Volcano" was created by slowing down and twisting various sounds, tones, and white noise.
"Overman Mix" and "Tucker's Theme" are the only two songs on the album to include violin.

Track listing


  1. Tucker's Theme
  2. Time Holes
  3. Tiptoe Up Behind Tantrumm
  4. Overman Mix


  1. Thud Beat
  2. The Scratchy Acoustic
  3. Techno Volcano
  4. Lab Rat

Track Download

The tracks can be downloaded or listened to online here.