A Dig Peanut in Super Mario Star Journey.

A Dig Peanut is a special nut, which transforms Yoshi into Dig Yoshi. It allows him to dig underground.


The Dig Peanut looks like a peanut with brown endings. The peanut's trunk has eight brown claws around it.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Star Journey

It's original first appearance was in Super Mario Star Journey. In Dig-Dog Bog's mission, Rooming to Underground, Yoshi must dig to underground rooms via Dig Peanuts to get a Power Star. In Polar Volcano's mission, Freeze the Place Again!, Wario and Yoshi must use the Dig Peanut to reach a switch that freezes the now-fiery volcano, in order to reach the Power Star. In Giant Oak Skyscraper, Yoshi must use the Dig Peanut to reach an underground room around the roots of the tree, where a Power Star awaits.

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