Diddy Kong Racing Wii U (or known as Diddy Kong Racing 2) is a fan idea of the third installment of Diddy Kong Racing. It introduces Yooka and Laylee from the Yooka-Laylee series by Playtonic and introducing DLC features for the game. A 3DS version was also included.


Timber's Parents started to host Timber's Island Championship were any new racer would join for the fun for racing but Wizpig comes up again, wanting himself to win and take over the island with the amulet which it's up to Diddy and his friends along with new characters to stop him once again.


Characters who originally appeared in Diddy Kong Racing are playable however since the idea of Playtonic would someday buy Rare then brought by Nintendo, it's might be noted that Banjo and Kazooie returns however in their Nuts & Bolts design since they lack a modern redesign while Conker doesn't appear for the reason of being an adult-oriented character.


Characters who appeared originally in Diddy Kong Racing and it's DS Remake return to be playable in this new installment.

New Characters

Characters who are new to Diddy Kong Racing who are introduced including third-party characters.

  • Kazooie
  • Yooka
  • Laylee
  • Yoshi
  • Birdo
  • Sparkster (Konami's Rocket Knight)
  • Mappy (Namco)
  • Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western, default in 3DS unlockable in Wii U)
  • Russ (Dillon's Rolling Western, default in 3DS unlockable in Wii U)

DLC Characters

Characters that requires downloadable content for more new features in the game. NOTE: If there's some MK8 DLC that is related to this I'll remove it from this page.

  • Yarn Yoshi (Yarn Theme Vehicles with Green, Pink, and Blue Yoshi.)
  • Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin

More characters will be added soon.


The three vehicles Car, Hovercraft, and Plane return. New vehicles were introduced such as Rockets and Hover Cars for racing them in Spaceport Alpha, Spacedust Ally, and Star City. Character Exclusive Vehicles are introduced such as Sparkster's car the Turbopossum from Krazy Kart Racing, Mappy's car from Pac-Man World Rally, Yoshi's kart from Mario Kart etc.



Coming Soon...

New Vehicles

Coming Soon...

Character Exclusive Vehicles

Coming Soon...

Differences from the 3DS Version

Diddy Kong Racing Wii U and 3DS Version has some differences in gameplay.

  • Dillon and Russ (more characters for the 3DS version will be added) are default racers in the roster of the 3DS version while they are required to unlock in the Wii U version.
  • In the 3DS version, Sparkster and Mappy are not default racers in the roster like they are in the Wii U version and is required to unlock them.

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