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NO EDITING OR I WILL COME AN STEAL YOURS!!! HAHAHA NOT REALLY. BUT NO EDITING! (Unless it is spelling. That's OK) Diddy Kong Racing XTREME is a sequel to Diddy Kong Racing made by Brock Productions.

It was released for the 3DS in 2014. It involves a competition Wizpig sets up

The North American boxart.

with a secret prize... destroying you!

In this game you can race in 3 XTREME vehicles, the skateboard, surfboard and snowmobile. In addition to that, there are new missions to complete, overworlds to explore and bosses to beat!


One day, Diddy Kong and friends all got a letter from Wizpig saying:

"Hello, old enemys. I wanted to become friends, and to do so I want to set up up a competition between us. The winner gets a 'secret' prize. Come to XTREME Isle if you want to partake in the contest,
Sincerly, Wizpig."

All Diddy's friends and even some enemys rushed quickly to XTREME Isle to enter the challenge.

"Me" said Wizpig "and the genie Taj will host various challenges and missions for you to complete for Golden Balloons. Each level and mission requires a certain amount of Gold Ballons and gives another amount. A "Master Mission" will be in each world and requires Golden Balloons to enter. If you finish this mission you will get a piece of my key which can go together to unlock my lair where you can race against me for the secret 'prize'. Although it is confusing, I'm sure some of you can do it. Are you ready?" .

Everyone was exited! They quickly jumped to racing around the five worlds discussed below. Then the player get's the W Key...

He slowly walks up to Wizpig's lair and enters the key. After he does however, the door opens up quite hastly and a beam shoots out! Luckily, the player jumps out of the way. "No!!!" shouts Wizpig. The beam, instead of hitting the player, hits Taj instead. "Yes!" shouts the genie "'I am unhypnotized! Now we must have a final race ingainsts the pig...". Then everyone starts to disappear and reappear in a there cars, ready to race. In the end, Wizpig loses and is banished into a prison forever.


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