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Diddy Kong Racing 3DS
コングクランカート (Kong Klan Kart)
North American boxart
Developer(s) GhoulGIsmallified
Rare Logo
Microsoft Logo
250px-Nintendo svg
Publisher(s) FantendologoShrb
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s)
Q3/Q4 2014
Single Player, Multiplayer

Diddy Kong Racing 3DS (also known as コングクランカート and Diddy Kong Racing Returns! in Japan and PAL regions, respectively) is the second true Diddy Kong Racing game. The game is made by Nintendo, Rare Ltd., Microsoft Studios and Alpha Generations, Inc. (though uncredited). The game is the first game since Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise to be created by Rare Ltd. for a Nintendo system. Microsoft Studios also helps out in creation for the game.


One day, while looking through some old scrapbooks, Diddy Kong finds pictures of his friends on Timber's Island. Wondering how Timber has been since the time of Wizpig's take-over, Diddy calls his friend Squaks and sends a message over to Timber.

After a month without a reply, Diddy finally gets a letter, only it's not from Timber, it's from the evil wizard Wizpig. Determined to free the inhabitants of Timber's Island, Diddy gathers all the help he can get. Diddy sends many letters out from Squaks, telling him to go around the planet to deliver the special letters to his friends.

When everyone arrives at Timber's Island, everyone arrives in shock, due to arriving after Diddy Kong, the group sees a giant Wizpig holding a crystal orb with a vision of Timber and Diddy Kong in a cage. The group then goes off to find the keys to the doors that Wizpig is guarding.


Image Name Description Default?
DiddyKong Diddy Kong Diddy Kong sent a message off to Timber, but instead got a reply from Wizpig! It's up to Diddy Kong and Co. to help him! Check small
DixieKong Dixie Kong Dixie Kong was the first to get her letter and quickly went over to Timber's Island. Check small
Tinymss Tiny Kong Tiny Kong was the second one to get the letter, and went off right after Dixie. Check small
Banjo-Kazooie-Tooie Banjo and Kazooie Banjo and Kazooie were the third ones to get the letter, and, with the help of their friend Mumbo, built a car and drove over to Timber's Island. Check small
ConkerCBFD Conker The Squirrel Conker The Squirrel was relaxing one day, being sad over the loss of his girlfriend Berri, and when he got the letter, he decided to go, to take his mind off other things. Check small
Tiptup3D Tiptup Tiptup was orchestrating his orchestra if turtles, when he got his letter from Diddy Kong. Check small
Pipsy3D Pipsy Pipsy was sailing on a boat near Timber's Island when she got her letter from Diddy Kong. Check small
Drumstick3D Drumstick Drumstick was lounging on a beach when Squaks swooped down and gave him his letter. He then quickly ran off to Timber's Island. X mark
KiddyKong Kiddy Kong Kiddy Kong was among one of the characters not to get a leter, as he followed Dixie Kong to the island. X mark
Bumper Bumper Bumper was camping on top of a mountain that overlooked the island, and greeted the many characters (except Diddy Kong) as they came. Check small
Timber Timber Timber was captured before the events of the game by Wizpig, and it's the heroes' duty to save him and Diddy Kong. X mark
DK Strong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong was worried, because he couldn't find Diddy Kong anywhere. Upon finding the note from Wizpig, he headed over to Timber's Island to help his little buddy. X mark
Krunch Krunch Krunch was, once again following Diddy Kong to Timber's Island, but took a different, slower boat to get there. He was the second-last to arrive, before Donkey Kong. X mark
TT TicToc TicToc came to Timber's Island for vacation, but ended up having to race the evil villains. X mark
Taj MahalliMagic Taj Taj is a magical genie who lives on Timber's Island. He remained un-captured and helped the heroes free Timber and Diddy Kong. Check small
Astro Mouse Astro Mouse Astro Mouse came down to Timber's Island looking for his sister Pipsy, however, he got tangled up in the mess with the evil doers. Check small


There are six circuits in the game: four of them take place on Timber's Island, one on Wizpig's homeworld of Future Fun World and one which includes five retro courses. Every course includes Red Balloons (which act as "Coins" from the Mario Kart series) and two courses in each cup has 10 or 5 silver balloons, which, when all are collected, the retro cup is unlocked.

Timber's Island Areas
'Saur Shore
# Track Balloon Amount Silver Coin Challenge Balloon Amount Types of Transportation Available
1 Tyrannosaurus Terror 20 10 Kart
2 Fossil Factory 16 0 Kart, Hovercraft
3 Triceratops Track 18 5 Kart
4 Velociraptor Volcano 8 0 Plane, Hovercraft
5 Boss ~ Tricky the Triceratops 8 10 Hovercraft
Yeti Valley
1 Bear Breakaway 10 10 Kart
2 Frozen Forest 14 0 Kart, Hovercraft
3 Blizzard Bay 17 0 Plane
4 Igloo Icerink 20 5 Plane, Kart
5 Boss ~ Wozza the Walrus 19 10 Kart, Plane
Rabbit Ravine
1 Bounce Speedway 16 0 Kart, Hovercraft, Plane
2 Pillow Plains 11 5 Kart, Hovercraft
3 Bunny Bay 20 10 Plane, Hovercraft
4 Cicle Circuit 12 0 Hovercraft, Plane
5 Boss ~ Ted Bear 20 10 Plane
Medieval Mountain
1 Castle Circuit 6 5 Kart
2 Catapult Speedway 12 0 Kart
3 Arrow Bay 11 10 Kart
4 Wizard Highway 19 5 Kart
5 Boss ~ Hank Horsewenn 19 10 Plane
Future Fun Land Areas
Power Planet
1 Superstar Highway 10 10 Kart, Hovercraft, Plane
2 Star Speedway 8 0 Kart, Hovercraft
3 Lazer Circuit 15 5 Kart, Hovercraft, Plane
4 Fou de Cirque 17 0 Hovercraft
5 Boss ~ Wizpig 0 10 Kart, Hovercraft, Plane
Areas of the 64
Timber's Island 64
1 Ancient Lake 1 0 Kart, Hovercraft, Plane
2 Frosty Village 9 0 Kart, Hovercraft, Plane
3 Crescent Island 11 0 Kart, Hovercraft
4 Haunted Woods 22 0 Kart, Hovercraft
5 Spaceport Alpha 41 0 Kart, Hovercraft, Plane

Nintendo eShop Downloads

On a certain day (different for all regions) there were two downloadable characters released for one day only. The characters would be downloadable at the Nintendo eShop, and would be for free. When downloaded, the player will obtain a ticket that would appear on the Nintendo 3DS Menu.

Japan America Australia Europe
Release Date Nov. 21 Nov. 24 Nov. 21 Nov. 21
Image Name Description Default?
Wizpig2 Wizpig Wizpig is an evil warthog who conquered his planet (when he was bored) and turned it into the Mechanical Amusement Park today, JUST FOR HIM. He appears as the main boss in the game. X mark
CrankyKong Cranky Kong Cranky Kong is a cranky Kong who tends to break the fourth wall all the time. X mark


Existence Software
Original Characters

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