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Diddy Kong is a group of arcade games that were never released made into one game for the Wii U and Wii in early 2013.


Diddy Kong is wondering in the forest when he sees an arcade machine that was lost in time. He finds out his father's past, wanting to get revenge on Mario. Mario, Donkey Kong and past arcade game characters try to stop him but accidentally push him in along with the past characters, creating games that were never released in time. Mario, Donkey Kong, Pauline, and Dixie Kong must win all the never released games to get back all the characters!



Mario Mario is here to help with Donkey Kong this time around! All
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is not kidnapping Pauline anymore! But has he robbed the bank? All
Pauline Pauline is Mario's x-girlfriend. She is mad that Mario became friends with DK. All
Dixie Kong Dixie Kong wants to help rescue his brother- because he owes her 5 bucks. All
Baby Mario It's time another generation of Mario beat a generation of Donkey Kong! Diddy Kong
Pac-Man He's PAC at trying to get those dots! Pac-Man's Pac!
Froggy Can he make it through the road and over the river? Frogger's Problem
Galaga 2.0 The first ship didn't work, but can this one? Galaga 2: Journey Through Space
Evil Snake Block
Blokablok The old snake didn't show up. Jumpman's Snake

That is all the characters known right now.

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