Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong SSB4
Diddy Kong rocks out!
Universe Donkey Kong
First Game SNES Donkey Kong Country
Recent Game U Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeeze
Availability Starter
Home Stage Jungle Hijinx

Diddy Kong is the closest friend to Donkey Kong, and the duo have gone on many adventures together. He appears in Super Smash Bros. Supernova as a veteran for his third appearance.


Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack- Combat swat
  • Side Tilt- Lean punch
  • Up Tilt- Jump swipe
  • Down Tilt- Low clap
  • Dash Attack- Cartwheel

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Arial- Air cartwheel
  • Forward Arial- Twin kick
  • Backward Arial- Rear kick
  • Up Arial- Flip kick
  • Down Arial- Twin pound

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash- Spinning Punch
    • Variation 2- Short Cartwheel
    • Variation 3- Tail Slam
  • Up Smash- Fliparound
    • Variation 2- Overhead Punch
    • Variation 3- Tail Flip
  • Down Smash- Breakdance Kick
    • Variation 2- Grounded Carthweel
    • Variation 3- Tail Spin

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special- Peanut Popgun
    • Variation 2- Jumbo Peanuts
    • Variation 3- Exploding Popgun
  • Side Special- Chimpy Charge
    • Variation 2- Monkey Flip
    • Variation 3- Flying Flip
  • Up Special- Rocketbarrel Boost
    • Variation 2- Rocketbarrel Attack
    • Variation 3- Rocketbarrel Kaboom
  • Down Special- Banana Peel
    • Variation 2- Shocking Banana
    • Variation 3- Battering Banana
  • Final Smash- Rocketbarrel Barrage
    • Variation 2- Great Chimpy Charge
    • Variation 3- Amplified Guitar

Pummel & Throws

  • Pummel- Headbutt
  • Forward Throw- Toss
  • Backward Throw- Rear toss
  • Up Throw- Vertical kick
  • Down Throw- Ground bounce


  • Idle- Jumps in place, occasionally stretching and or scratching himself
  • Taunt 1- Tosses his cap, which lands back on his head
  • Taunt 2- Claps overhead while dancing between his feet
  • Taunt 3- Cackles while performing a playful fighting stance
  • Taunt 4- Takes out his guitar and strums it a couple times
  • Ledge Attack- Quick flick
  • Floor Attack- Spin swipe



  • Default - Red hat and shirt, brown fur
  • Yellow - White hat, yellow shirt, lighter fur
  • Pink - Pink hat and shirt, golden fur
  • Purple - Purple hat and shirt, darker fur
  • Green - Green hat and shirt, reddish fur
  • Blue - Blue hat and shirt, lighter fur
  • Tan - Tan hat and shirt, gray fur
  • White - White hat and shirt, darker fur

Costume - Striker Diddy Kong

  • Default - Wears yellow sports gear
  • Red - Red sports gear
  • Blue - Blue sports gear
  • Green - Green sports gear
  • Purple - Purple sports gear
  • Orange - Orange sports gear
  • White - White sports gear
  • Black - Black sports gear

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