Diddy Kong
The Sidekick Monkey
Universe DKSymbolDonkey Kong
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSBB/SSB4
Recent Game Wii U Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Availability Starter
Final Smash Rocketbarrel Barrage/Giant Banana

Diddy Kong makes his third appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Diddy Kong is the sidekick to Donkey Kong and one of the Kong family members. He isn't actually a chimp but a monkey and possesses great speed, jumping ability, and agility as one would expect of a monkey. He still retains his Peanut Popgun as well as Bananas. Aesthetically, he appears like his updated models from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Changes from SSB4


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Peanut Popgun 3-12% (Peanuts), 23% (explosion) Diddy Kong can fire his Peanut Popgun and charge it for more powerful and faster peanuts. However, charging it too long can cause the gun to explode and damage Diddy Kong.
Custom 1 Exploding Peanut 1% (Shot), 25% (explosion) Diddy Kong fires a peanut that does very little damage. However, the exploding portion of the attack does more damage.
Custom 2 Jumbo Peanut 7-11% (Peanuts), 18% (explosion) Diddy Kong fires a jumbo sized peanut that doesn't travel far but does more damage with bigger hitboxes.
Side Special Monkey Flip 14% (clean midair kick), 12% (late midair kick), 1% (pummel), 5% (grab attack hit 1), 7% (grab attack hit 2), 5% (jump attack hits 1-2) Diddy Kong flips forward and can latch onto an opponent; hitting and slapping the opponent. He can also produce a flying kick if the special button is pressed again.
Custom 1 Back Flip 17% (clean), 12% (mid), 8% (late) Flips backwards and kicks but doesn't grab onto the opponent.
Custom 2 Flying Monkey Flip 10% (clean midair kick), 8% (late midair kick), 1% (pummel), 3% (grab attack hit 1), 5% (grab attack hit 2), 7.5% (jump attack hits 1-2) Launches himself higher and further but does less damage overall.
Up Special Rocketbarrel Boost 10% (launch explosion), 6-8% (collision with opponent) Diddy Kong can charge this attack and tilting where he will burst off to using the rocketbarrels.
Custom 1 Rocketbarrel Attack 18% (launch explosion) Much faster recovery distance but less maneuverability.
Custom 2 Rocketbarrel Kaboom 7% (launch explosion), 6-8% (collision with opponent) Charges faster and easier to maneuver but will explode it it connects to any type of terrain.
Down Special Banana Peel --- Diddy Kong pulls out a banana and can throw it or pick it up. An opponent will slip if they touch it. Only one can be pulled out at a time.
Custom 1 Shocking Banana Peel --- Stuns the opponent momentarily.
Custom 2 Battering Banana Peel --- Diddy Kong tosses it into the air. Anyone who touches it is launched upwards.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Orange Grenade 10-15% Diddy Kong can pull the pin and throw the Orange Grenade. It will detonate depending on how long it was charged. The longer it is held, the quicker the explosion but more damaging it is. It can also damage Diddy if he is not careful.
Custom 1 Bouncing Orange Grenade 10-16% Diddy Kong throws the Orange Grenade and it will bounce wildly before exploding. The number of bounces it does affects how much damage it will do at the end.
Custom 2 Quick Orange Grenade 7% A weaker version but much quicker. Diddy Kong throws it a fixed range and will detonate upon contact.
Side Special Mine Cart 2%(summon), 2% (per hit w/out Diddy), 3% (per hit with Diddy), 6% (crash w/out Diddy), 8% (crash with Diddy) Diddy Kong will summon a mine cart. Summoning it causes damage and knocks opponents upwards. Diddy Kong can then jump into the cart by pressing the special button and will shoot forward; slowly at first but it will pick up speed. The damage and speed is greater if Diddy Kong is in the cart. However, it can cause some damage to Diddy Kong when it crashes.
Custom 1 Exploding Mine Cart 2%(summon), 1% (per hit w/out Diddy), 2% (per hit with Diddy), 12% (crash w/out Diddy), 16% (crash with Diddy) Slower with a longer summoning and does less damage but it causes a large explosion and high knockback when it connects.
Custom 2 Roadrage Mine Cart 1.5%(summon), 8% (per hit w/out Diddy), 10% (per hit with Diddy), 4% (crash w/out Diddy), 6% (crash with Diddy) It does less damage at the crash but hitting opponents as it moves will launch thme upwards instead of continuing to push them along it's travel like the default.
Up Special Booster Barrel 4% (flame), 12% (explosion) Diddy Kong will jump into a Booster Barrel which will rocket him high into the sky. It explodes once it reaches a certain height and Diddy Kong will fall back to the stage. Only the flame portion does damage as it it ascends.
Custom 1 Battering Booster Barrel 3% (per hit), 15% (explosion) The flame doesn't do damage but will knock opponents upwards as it travels. However, the explosion only connects if the attacks prior also connected.
Custom 2 Speedy Booster Barrel 8% (hit) It doesn't create an explosion but it has a much farther and faster recovery that has more horizontal traveling distance. It will knock opponents up when it hits.
Down Special Chimp Counter 13% Diddy Kong will perform a pose. When an attack, he will dodge it and jump over the opponents head while kicking backwards; launching them forward. It has good recovery if it connects off the ledge. It can make Diddy jump over projectiles but slower moving projectiles may end up damaging him.
Custom 1 Sliding Champ 8% Does less damage but Diddy Kong slides forward while doing the counter thus maximizing his range. It also has a longer duration of time.
Custom 2 Monkey Bury 10% Instead of kicking backwards, Diddy Kong slams his foot into the opponent downward which can bury the opponent though it won't meteor them.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Rocketbarrel Barrage 5-10% (Peanuts), 12% (collision) Diddy Kong will equip his Rocketbarrels and zoom into the air. He can fire explosive peanut shells that do high levels of damage. He also does damage if he collides into opponents. It is a bit hard to control but does more damage and is faster.
Final Smash 2 Giant Banana --- Diddy Kong summons a Giant Banana to fall from the top of the stage. Once it hits the stage, it releases up to 25 bananas and causes the opponents to slip when they touch it. They can be picked by opponents. Diddy Kong is not affected by the slipping mechanic. After a duration of time, they vanish.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Diddy Kong throws his hat into the air and catches it on his head (Up)
  • Diddy Kong claps his hand over his head and jumps from one foot to the other. (Right)
  • Diddy Kong faces the screen and pulls his lips far back showing his teeth. (Left)
  • Diddy Kong holds his hands in front while chattering.

Character Selection Screen

  • Diddy Kong jumps up, spins in a circle, and hoots like a chimp.
  • Diddy Kong punches forward and shrieks like a chimp.
  • Diddy Kong does a one-armed handstand and claps his feet together and then jumping back into his normal posture.

On Screen Appearance

  • Diddy Kong breaks out of a DK Barrel and claps.
  • Diddy Kong comes blasting in while on his Rocket Barrels.
  • Diddy Kong swings in from a vine from the left and somersaults in.

Victory Animations

  • Diddy Kong appears from his rocket barrel and puts his hands to his chin while dancing
  • Diddy Kong shoots his Peanut Popguns into the air, rolls, and then shoots at the camera.
  • Does a dance and then spins on the ground while clapping his hands together.
  • Diddy Kong eats a banana, throws the banana peel, steps back, and then slips on it onto his butt.
  • Diddy Kong comes riding in on Rambi. Rambi bucks, knocking off Diddy who lands on one foot and poses.

Losing Animation

  • Diddy Kong looks forward while clapping.
  • Diddy Kong appears to have slipped and is rubbing his head.
  • Diddy Kong is jumping up and down crazily while screaming.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix based on the "Stage Clear" theme from Donkey Kong Country which includes the monkey sounds and guitar riffs along with it.

Idle Poses

  • Scratches his bottom and stretches.
  • Jumps in place.
  • Readjusts his hat.
  • Wiggles his tails.


Diddy Kong's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Diddy Kong

Unlock: Classic Mode

Diddy Kong (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Blue

Diddy Kong (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Green

Pink Diddy Kong

Unlock: Boss Battle Console

Charged Diddy Kong

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld

Diddy Kong (Banana Peel)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge Yellow

Diddy Kong(Orange Grenade)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge Purple

Diddy Kong (Pink)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Diddy Kong (Cyan)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Diddy Kong (Up) Yellow

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Jammin' Diddy

Unlock: Complete a Meta Knight Character Challenge

Rocketbarrel Barrage

Unlock: All Star Mode

Giant Banana

Unlock: Unlock all Meta Knight's trophies

Alternate Costumes

Color Title Color Notes Status
Red Red Meta Knight's default appearance. Starter
Yellow Yellow Resembles his alternative outfit from the Two-Player Contest Mode from Donkey Kong Country. Starter
Pink Pink Resembles the color scheme of his girlfriend, Dixie Kong. Starter
Purple Purple Resembles the alternative outfit from the Two-Player Contest Mode in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest Starter
Light Green Light Green Resembles Diddy Kong's alternative costume from Donkey Kong Country 64. Starter
Blue Blue --- Starter
Yellow Yellow --- Starter
Cyan Cyan --- Starter
Black Black --- Starter
White White Resembles Donkey Kong's Yeti costume. Starter
Pink Pink Resembles Donkey Kong's Pink outfit. Locked
Charged Diddy Yellow Based off his Mario Strikers Charged outfit. Locked
Jammin' Diddy Black Slightly based off his Donkey Kong Country 2 victory animations with the backwards hat and sunglasses. Locked


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