Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Strife.

90px-Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Little and agile, Diddy Kong is very quick too! He hasn't been changed from the previous game so he uses the same technics to win!

Special Moves

Standard Special: Peanut Popgun. Diddy shoots whit his popgun and inflicts 4% of damage.

Side Special: Rambi. Diddy calls Rambi which dashes in the battlefield inflicting 24% of damage.

Up Special: Rocketbarrel Boost. Diddy will jump with his Rocketbarrels, inflicting 12% of damage.

Down Special: Banana Peel. Diddy will throw two bananas in two different directions.

Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Assault. Diddy will fly over with his Rocketbarrels. He will shoot too! A peanut inflicts 4% of damage.

Strife Smash: Freezing. A Snowmad will freeze the stage, inflicting 49% of damage to every opponent which is on the ground.

Unlock Criteria

  • Do a Meteor Smash by pressing Down Aerial.
  • Do a Classic Mode with DK.
  • Have him join in Story Mode.


  • Because his locked status, Diddy underscores the point he is a locked character.
  • Diddy Kong won't do anything in his Strife Smash.

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