The character Ikor from the TRICK's parody, bad trick was the original design for Zap from the D-Zolt series. He was planned to morph into different forms like a hammer, a gun or a crossbow and the series was originally going to be called Morph Orbs. The reason why the series was going to be made was because the user Pablo (tbc) created the Volt series and the creator felt that his original plan, which was the D-Zolt series was to similar to the Volt series and many users would consider it a ripoff. After Lurky decided to make the D-Zolt series, he thought that Ikor would fit somewhere, he planned him as second player or as the main villian, but he was ultimately scrapped. The other character from bad trick, Mr. Edward Chest was planned to be Ikor's sidekick and he would store items that Ikor would get. Like Ikor, he was scrapped but he later returned having his own AMA, but it didn't get really far.

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