This is a page for the cutscenes in Dibbles Town.

#1 Played when you start campaign

(a garage opens revealing Ronaldo and Dibbles)

Ronaldo: I can't believe we're here!

Dibbles: (squeaks)

Ronaldo: We can do this, I know we can! (Larry stops by)

Larry: Oh hey, you must be the new kid.

Ronaldo: (brushes his shirt) I'm not a kid, I'm a adult.

Larry: And a young one too. (laughs) Good luck out there!

Ronaldo: Good luck to you too.

Larry: I won't be needing it. (laughs as he walks off)

Ronaldo: You ready, Dibbles? (scene fades to the character select screen)

#2 Played after the 2nd race of the cup

Announcer: We're almost done folks! Just three more races to go!

Ronaldo: I'm hyped!

Amy: Is that so? I've collected enough coins to get a energy drink.

Ronaldo: That would be usefull! How do you buy them again?

Amy: Tap the start button on your controller to open the options. Click on 'store' then click 'drinks'.

Ronaldo: Thanks! Good luck, by the way.

Amy: Thanks!

#3 Played after the 4th race

Announcer: One more race to go!

Lyn: (sitting on her bike) One more race. (eats cherry)

Ronaldo: Hey, Michael.

Michael: Yeah.

Ronaldo: Those were some skills on the track there!

Michael: Thanks, I suppose. (turns his back)

Ronaldo: What as that for?

Lyn: I'm liking this new kid. (eats cherry) I can see it now, Ronald Strikes Again! (laughs)

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