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Developer(s) Annoying Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS, SES
Genre(s) Racing
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3RatingUSK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Series Dibbles Town
 Dibbles Town (Japanese: カータウン) is the first installment of the Dibbles Town series. The game is a racing game much similar to Nintendo's Mario Kart series.


Far away on a distant planet, lives a group of aliens called the raceio who are no different than we are. Ronaldo is one of these many creatures who wants to be a motorcycle racer so he enters the annual Grand-Prix with his hamster, Dibbles. They face many challenges on the way meeting new friends, enemies and even a princess.


The game is a racing game meaning the player controls a vehicle around a race track. Their are eighteen different characters and the game has modes which your typical racing game wouldn't have.


Single Player

  • Campaign - Much similar to Mario Kart's grand prix mode, you race in cups of four courses that take you on land, on water and even underground.
  • Battle Mode - Against a CPU you sort of joust on motorbikes fighting for coins you collect.
  • Countdown - Race against the clock and complete three laps before the time runs out.
  • Dibbles' Pick - Race on five courses of your choice!
  • Online - Race against people over Nintendo Network!


  • Campaign - Complete Campaign mode with up to four players!
  • Battle - Battle with up to two players!
  • Dibbles' Pick - Race with up to four players!
  • Pair Battle - Race around a plane collecting more coins than the opposing team.
  • Flame Fight! - Race around a cookie shaped course firing flames at each other. 2-4 Players.
  • Outrun Beach - Race on a straight track trying to outrun, or in this case drive, your opponent. 2-4 Players.



Image Name Description
RonaldoExo Ronaldo After years of training, Ronaldo finally enters the grand-prix with his hamster, Dibbles, to cheer him on.


  • Shell - Used as a homing device.
  • Flame - Very similar to the shell but has a bad aim.
  • Boost - Gives you a speed boost.
  • Triple Boost - Gives you three speed boosts.
  • Cone - Much similar to Mario Kart's banana.
  • Whisp - A weird creature that switches your position with the player 2 places ahead. Can't be used if your in 4th place or over.


Grand Cup

  • Dibbles Raceway
  • Zoom Zoom Canyon
  • Grand Stadium
  • High-Way

Wisp Cup

  • Wisp Circuit
  • Shootin' Raceway
  • Planet Wisp
  • Fun, Fun Park

Town Cup

  • Water Raceway
  • Marketplace
  • 繁華街
  • Snoozington Mystery Tour

Coin Cup

  • Money Land
  • Bank Bank
  • Pound Raceway
  • Nickle Way

Super Cup

  • Shy Guy Raceway
  • Nabbit Mansion
  • Lavaville
  • Finale

Battle Courses

  • Joust Arena
  • High Sky Plane
  • Zoom Stadium
  • Circus

Outrun Courses

  • Beach
  • 100m Sprint
  • 200m Sprint
  • Sports Day

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