Diaper Duty: Baby Party 2 is the sequel to Diaper Duty: Baby Party made by Peanutjon (tbc) & McQueenMario (tbc).



Baby Mario | Baby Luigi | Baby Peach | Baby Daisy | Baby Wario | Baby Waluigi | Baby Donkey Kong | Baby Bowser | Baby Rosalina | Baby Yoshi | Baby Funky | Baby Dry Bowser | Baby Birdo | Baby Kamek | Baby Diddy Kong | Baby Dixie Kong | Baby Petey Piranha | Baby Geno | Prince Boo | Baby Toad | Baby Toadette | Baby Tiny Kong | Baby Blooper | Baby Maria | Baby Luise | Baby Waria | Baby Walice | Baby Metal Mario

Board Hosts

  • Yoshi
  • Young Toadsworth
  • Polari
  • Young E. Gadd
  • Young Cranky Kong
  • Kamek


  • Yoshi's Island
  • Baby Peach's Castle
  • Observatory
  • E. Gadd's Lab
  • DK Island
  • Baby Bowser's Castle (hidden)


Baby Bowser attacks some areas of the Mushroom Kingdom, so the babies have to stop him.


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