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Diamonds of Ether is an upcoming Umbrella fighting game that takes heavy inspiration from early Fighters of Lapis games. It is meant to help bring back interest in the Umbrella genre, and will feature a story that homages back to The Space Crisis and has a wide range of both well-known and obscure characters.


It's a smash clone. Boop.


Character Description
Mario (alt 2) - Mario Tennis Ultra Smash
SSB Mario Series
A character built exclusively for the demo, Mario is the hero we all know and love, but here he's represented a bit differently. Here, he uses moves mostly from the sports games, such as kicking a supercharged soccer ball or wacking opponents with a tennis racket.
SSB Mario Series
Luigi is known for being the sidekick of Mario, but now he leads his own adventure! Luigi is the generic, balanced character of the game, attacking by throwing fireballs, kicking koopa shells, or using the Poltergust 5000. He also has a hammer to knock opponents away.  
Junko (8)
Junko Enoshima
Junko was originally a key character in the MXPverse, but fuck that shit this is Diamonds of Ether now. Junko can attack by using her many Monokuma droids, as well as using weapons and contractions that are sure to induce despair onto her opponents. 
SSB Fantendoverse
A robot from the 1980s who was re-awakened during Fantendo Sports Resort. Oh wait, that's not her backstory! Turns out, this Cura is actually a clone Junko created, modeled after the original Cura. Oh well. She has some totally tubular attacks such as shooting laser disks and having an arm cannon. Y'know, cause all robots should have arm cannons. 
SSB Undertale Symbol
Sans is a skeleton and one of the most difficult bosses in the original Undertale game, but you only fight him if you decide to kill everyone you sick fuck. Sans can shoot bones at you, as well as blast you with his Gaster Blasters. Due to his lazy nature, he isn't a very fast runner, but god damn he can hit pretty hard.
Chrom (FE13 Artwork)
SSB Fire Emblem Series
Chrom is the descendant of the hero prince Marth, and he surely does him justice using his Falchion. Chrom attacks with strong sword strikes, making him a powerful melee character. 

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