Diamond Order is a science-fiction fighting game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya. Although it takes it's name from an abandoned prequel to the Platinum Rise series, it's new incarnation is unrelated.


The Confederate Planets of Terra Astrum (often referred to by it's acronym CPTA) is an alliance of planets settled throughout the universe by the Humans who originated from Earth. Terra Astrum was formed after the first contact with extra-terrestrial lifeforms, to ensure humanity remained united.


Name Description
Mordred A mercenary who was offered an opportunity to join the CPTA's "Round Table" initiative; upon seeing the advanced armour and weaponry afforded to Round Table members, however, she instead decided to steal it and spent the next five years running and hiding from the CPTA and the other Round Table members until eventually they gave up on the chase.

Believing the threat to have died down, she returned to her job as a mercenary with five years of training in the use of the Round Table equipment under her belt.

M-920 / Absolute A member of a tribe which worships and reveres a sentient super-computer named Absolute who rules over them. At birth, each member of the tribe is given a name by the computer, and implanted with various neural cybernetics which grant the computer full control over them when it desires.

M-920, as one of the strongest members of the tribe, was chosen by Absolute to become a permanent physical body for him, taking full control of his brain via his implants.

Orthex A Kolu warrior. The Kolu are a humanoid species of aliens who were in a similar situation to that of the human race shortly after they discovered interstellar travel; unlike the humans, however, they never had a unified alliance and instead scattered across the universe, being absorbed into other cultures.

Orthex was raised by a race of snake-like aliens, and created a fighting style which attempted to emulate their serpentine movements while also making use of the Kolu's natural advantages.

Apis An ex-member of the CPTA's Project Drone, which recruited children from various colonies who had photosensitive epilepsy and, through genetic manipulation, hypnosis and various other methods, created a method of communication via flashing lights which could only be interpreted by the Drone members.

Apis left the Drones after the Princess assigned to him, Tiare, was killed by invading marauder aliens.


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