Diamond Mario (also known as Crystal Mario) is a power-up form of Mario that is activated by using the Power Diamond.

Usage Rules

You can use him in your games as long as you do not pass him off as your own.


Diamond Mario's standard abilities include shooting crystal shards, using his diamond boots to heavily damage enemies, and also using the boots to step on spiky surfaces.

In certain games, he can also reflect light to shoot beams at switches and triggers to solve puzzles. This idea was not used in his debut, but was rather introduced in later games. Additionally, Diamond Mario can move throughout electric fields and currents, stopping them in the process.

Diamond Mario's boots are hard enough to give people concussions, as seen in the opening cutscene of Super Mario 3D: Magic Orb Legacy when he jumped on Bowser's head with these boots and knocked him out, angering the Koopalings.

Game Appearances



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