Shimmer of Diamonds is the visual novel story mode from Diamond Days. Liana begins her first days at university, and signed up for an exclusive course titled "Diamond Days", with links to crime scene investigation and other related topics, she is excited, but has no idea of the events that will spiral out of control from that day onward...

Episode 01: "Diamonds Are Forever"

We begin our scene outside of a university's golden gates. Liana is standing firmly, with a determined look smeered across her face.

Liana: Finally, time to make a name for myself...

The golden gates open up, and she is greeted with a fresh scent of bread and flowers, making her smile and feel more comfortable with herself. Everything fades to white...


We can see a silhouette of a person running away from what sounds like laughter and cheers in the distance. They keep running until they come into a cleering, where four other people are.

Liana: What took you so long!?
Britt: Sorry about the wait, I managed to get what we needed undetected.
Hattie: Oh God...For God sake! We're all gonna get caught, and everything's just gonna go completely wrong-
Saskia: I swear to fucking God if you don't stop panicking and freaking out I will single handedly dispose of you as well.
Aiden: No need to be so harsh Saskia, jesus, Britt let's just hurry up here and do what we need to do.
Hattie: What do we need to do!? If we stay here, we'll get caught, if we hide the body we'll get caught. Ughh!!! There's no escape!!

More murmurs and comments are exchanged between everybody, causing a loud discussion.

Liana: Quiet, everyone! We need to make a decision, and stick to it! Since we can't come to one ourselves unanimously, there's only one other way to solve this. We flip a coin.
Saskia: Are you being serious!? 
Hattie: That's a ridiculous plan!
Liana: Well I'm not hearing any other suggestions, and time is fading, quickly. If the coins lands on heads, we will go back for the body, if the coin lands on tails, we leave it where it is. Alright?
Britt: Fine. Do as you must.

Liana takes out a coin from her pocket, and she looks up at the sky and tosses it.


Liana enters the campus grounds, and notices all the different cliques of people together having friendly conversation. She enters the main building nervously, and takes a look at the notice board filled with information on the variety of courses the university offers.

 ???: Impressed by the choices?
Liana: Oh, hello. Yeah it's a pretty impressive list you've got here. I didn't know they even had courses for some of this stuff. Who are you?
Saskia: I'm Saskia. I'm a second year student here. This university is one of the higest rated Universities ever in history, so it's great to be a part of it and it's rich culture. What course or your studying?
Liana: Uh, the criminology course. I hope to be a lawyer in the future, so I thought it would help to do some studying into criminals.
Saskia: Oh nice, we're in the same class then! Last year I did Mathematics and it was awful, but this year I'm doing the same as you! I think we best get going though, otherwise we'll be late...
Liana: Yeah, good call, we don't want to be late to the first time we have the course haha.

The pair head to the class, and take seats near the front of the class. 

Episode 02

Episode 03

Episode 04

Episode 05

Episode 06

Episode 07

Episode 08

Episode 09

Episode 10


  • This is the first time Solarrion (tbc) has written a story mode for a game in full script instead of plot synopsis or any other fashion.
Solarrion Project

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