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unfortunately this is going to be a huge project so yeah its gonna take me a few months to finish this

unless you want to see your own eyes bleed from all the text i recommend you skip to the actual thing you are looking for

info and details

basically this is a huge fanon game now you might be saying down there OH MY GOD NO INFO BOX?

anyway here is a short explination of the game

the game has well... 5 protagonists (named the ) and a massive world to explore (way more expansive than gta 5)

the game

official sound track(10:34:19

1) move along-all american rejects(loading theme)

2)owl city-fireflies (intro music)

3)knife party-edm death machine(police chase(1-10)

4)knife party-lrad(police chase(11-20)

100)owl city-when can i see you again(ending)

meet the protagonists


full name unknown never reveals it

a 25 year old bob bom who is also a expert demolitions expert


full name kotlav peskkina skialta

a 30 year old russian koopa anarchist hacker who also does arson


full name adrian koopa

a 18 year old chemist koopa who sells drugs such as marajuana cocaine sarin methanphetamine


full name jackson (cra-z)mctylerson

a goomba who insanely good at grand theft auto( he also has a diagnosis of scizophrenia)


full name markus bazuki

a construction expert who can use a bull dozer like an expert( his name is a reference to minecraft and roblox

booo its the antagonists

marcael alehandro

the guy thats trying to keep diamond city a float in money (more specifically pokedollars and coins) unfortunately he caused a MASSIVE rate of inflation in diamond city that could spell disaster for both diamond city but also the rest of the world often outside the office that he works in you can find people throwing stones and yelling profanities at his office and there is an option to throw things at the building

money and what to look out for

in this game you have to gather as much money as you can whilst looking out for the police if you are caught stealing or doing something bad in particular a wanted level will appear which varies in levels 1-100

enemies also drop experience points which can be used on the protagonists

money is common WAY TO COMMON in diamond city and after a while you will find your pockets full

of course the denominations of money in this game vary from a tiny amount (1 coin) to a gigantic amount(500 OCTILLION COIN BANKNOTES)

the banknotes are the same size as a 500 euro banknote

you can find old coins and banknotes and sell them on the market so get digging! and get hunting!

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