Diamond City is a city where a lot of rich people live (and is Wario's 2nd living town) the top lo
250px-Diamond City WWMM

Diamond City.

cations and hangouts in Diamond City are WarioWare, Club Sugar, and the Creative Sociaty. It appears in the WarioWare series. Wario claims that it is "his city." No one knows where it is located, it's on Earth, but not in the Mushroom world where Wario comes from (mostly from various statements made by Orbulon.) But there are still rumors that it is in the Mushroom world. Wario also states that it is a "sparkling gem of metropolis." Here, Wario and his friends have partys and mostly live there. Once Wario hired Waluigi (WarioWare: Showing Off) and his games were called weirdoweegee's Strange games. Apparently, Waluigi's favorite place in Diamond City is Club Sugar.

Game Appearances

Wario Land 5: Do the Twist

Diamond City is World 3 of WL5. It is part of Area 1: Mushroom Kingdom and has three levels.

  1. You have to battle against Kat and Ana to prove you are worthy of getting the Fire Ruby.
  2. You have to work through the maze-like streets of Diamond City to find WarioWare Inc.
  3. You have to twist the device to get all of the microgames back from Diamond Software Manager.

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