Diameech's Appearance
Full Name Diameech
Current Age 74
Gender Genderless (Living Rock)
Species Crystiller
Align Chaotic-Evil
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Deafening Screech

Needle Projectiles

Height 3.589m
Weight 1288kg
Sexuality Asexual
Diameech is a large Crystiller Monster from the cavernouse, hollow planet known as Drethma. Diameech is the child of Ondole a devastatingly huge Crystiller located at the core of the planet that has been slowly feeding of the planet's core and thus slowly destroying the planet.


Diameech has a long body due to its crystal's growth, its crystal has one end that is completely covered by its rocky legs while its top end protrudes through its head rock. It has a bright blue Crystal indicating its formation under extreme heat and pressure. It has teeth looking rocks that are hollow and allow Diameech to release powerful screeches thanks to stored energy in its crystal. Its "eyes" appear to be shards of Onyx, possibly from its parent although these "eyes" are commony on all Crystillers so it may just be a distinct formation of its rocky body. The lower half of Diameech's body has four long, pointed legs each ending on a tip allowing it to hold itself to walls and ceilings incredibly well and also help it drill through soft earth.


Diameech like all Crystillers is not intelligent, it has a limited capacity to learn and is easily enraged. Interestingly it has a slight mischievious nature to it and has a tendency to use intimidation to frighten trespassers of its territory. Diameech is like all Crystillers a shoot-on-aggression target according to the Galactic Police although considering Diameech's lack of immediate hostility it may show an evolution in the species' intelligence.


Born from its parent, Ondole, Diameech slowly bore through the thick molten rock of Drethma until it eventually reached the surface in which it quickly formed a rocky exterior. Over time individuals have monitored Diameech due to its rather rare colouring. It has been noted that Diameech has over the recent years been expanding its territory usually through hostile take overs of other Crystiller's territory.


As mentioned before, Diameech is able to release a powerful Screech by channeling the stored energy in its crystal through its hollow teeth-rocks to create sonic waves. This ability is incredibly effective for Diameech and its species as it can break off the rocky exterior of other Crystillers and is useful in competing for territory.

The other ability Diameech has is its ability to release shards of incredibly sharp and powerful rock from its lower body, these needle-like shards appear to be comprised of the same material as its crystal although have a lower grade. As recorded by the final words of one of Diameech's victims, they can easily punch through multiple layers of titanium indicating they are fired with incredible (possibly explosive) force.


  • Diameech's teeth rocks like most Crystillers are made of Calcium Carbonate
  • Diameech's main body isn't actually a Diamond and actually possesses both organic, inorganic and electromagnetic aspects to its makeup
  • Diameech is the heaviest Darklight Studios Character with a listed weight although Caroram and Who Cares may be heavier