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Dial M For Monster is the 13th Episode in the Skip and Sqak Anime Series. It aired on June 2 1996. The story is when the SSFF believe a monster broke into the empty palace and kidnapped Roshan's Grandfather Merlin on a stormy night.



One night, a huge rain storm begins to flood Sunny City and all the adults have to build a dam before the city floods completly. Kaida and Drogo also need to help, leaving Drogo's Father Merlin to look after the SSFF while everyone is out working. Drogo also told Roshan to keep a close eye on the kids before leaving and gives him a medal and a stamp of X2 wearing a funny hat. After everyone left, Merlin tells the kids to go to bed but they are scared that monsters could get them and run away scared by thunder.

Later, Merlin is shocked to see the SSFF building a giant mousetrap to catch the monster. Before they could test it, Merlin tells them to go to bed and they leave the Monster Trap out in the hall. Soon when everyone was tucked in bed, Skip asks Merlin to check under his bed for monsters and Tubby wants to hear a bedtime story. Merlin checks under Skip's bed and decides to read a story, but the book he's reading is about science like Alloy, much to everyone's dissapoinment.

Merlin tells the gang he's sleeping in Kaida and Drogo's bedroom in case they need him. At Midnight, Robin and Cynder can't sleep because they're worried a monster could be looking through the window, so they tell Roshan to close it. Roshan does so, but the loud thunder scares everyone and they run off to the bedroom where Merlin is. The gang sleep under the covers until Roshan gets distracted by a tapping sound coming from the window. When Roshan goes to open the blinds to see what it is, he sees a Dark Figure standing right in front of him.

Roshan screams and jumps onto the bed, waking everyone and they all begin to panic. The figure vanished before Merlin saw the window, and everyone thinks Roshan was afraid of a branch until they hear the sound of glass breaking. As everyone went down to the enterance to investigate, they find a broken window and the gang think its a Monster. But Merlin thinks the storm carried a Rock Beetle and tells them to go to bed, much to Roshan's outrage.

As the gang were in bed, Merlin walks to the window to close the blinds, not noticing the same Figure sneeking up behind and grabbing him. Merlin's scream wakes the gang up and they realize Merlin is gone. Cheatsy suggests they should run away with their favorite things which everyone agrees. But Roshan tells them he can't leave Merlin behind with the Monster, so the gang make a plan to rescue him. Roshan decides to use the Emergancy Phone in the library to call the Blue Ant Police, but after Cheatsy outbursts about the Monster during the call, the officer thinks this is a prank call and hangs up.

Before Roshan could call back, the phone's power went dead from the storm. Roshan makes another plan that the Monster locked up Merlin in the Old Dungeon Castle in the Palace Woods. The gang explore the dark and gloomy prison but there was no sign of Merlin. The figure returns and kidnaps everyone but Roshan and Tubby, who run off scared back inside the Palace. Roshan feels ashamed for not trying to save the others but Tubby cheers him up.

The two here the other's cries for help coming from the Queen's Bedroom, so when they spied through the door, the Monster all this time is actually X2's Walking Chair wearing a coat with Professor X2 controlling it. X2 demands Merlin to give him the same stamp Drogo gave Roshan, with Tubby being his stupid self giving it to him. Before X2 could get away, Roshan knocks over his Walking Chair and steals the stamp and runs away to get the police again. X2 sends Grubber, Grounder and Coconuts to get him but Roshan gets captured by the Red Ant Soilders outide.

Professor X2 steals the stamp and leaves the gang by locking the door, but he walks right into the Monster Trap that snaps on him. The gang break out of the room and persue X2 until Kaida and Drogo returns to the palace. X2 and his goons get arrested for breaking into the palace, and the gang got over their fear of monsters.

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