Dexter Done is the second Smilonian lawyer who appears in Mr. Chilli.


Dexter likes to think and portray himself as a hard as nails alpha male. But, he is actually quite of a feeble nerd. When he tries to act what he isn't in the courtroom, he usually ends up embarrassed and normally damages his morale, leaving the other lawyer to win the case. Like Chilli, he hasn't been known for being reliable. In which he has a history of.


He famously wears his trademark hard hat in the courtroom as he likes and remind himself of his past profession. He likes to describe himself as a 'tough nut to crack'. In to which Chilli once replied, "The Judge can smash a nut with his hammer".


Dexter used to be a builder, but could never get his job done on time, so he decided to retrain as a lawyer. Although he isn't the most experienced, he has been shown to win one case, he always brags Chilli in a case against him to let him win 'one more case'. Into which Chilli declines in some immature or disrespectful way.

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