Last of His Kind
Symbol DevonateSymbol
Species Moon Wyrm
Alliance Minos' Moon
Sexuality Bisexual
Appearances ZIN
Debut ZIN
Finisher Gravitational Pulley
Devonate is a playable character in ZIN. He is the last of his kind and lives on the Moon of Minos in a moon base. He was attacked by a bunch of alternate dimensional creatures and during the battle, escaped into a escape pod and landed on Minos.


Devonate is a metallic worm like creature with a large purple orb as a head. It acts as a eye, a face, and a interface for devices he plugs into. He wears a steel helmet on his head and his body resembles armor. He has two thin eyes with two fingers on each hand. Despite his mechanical looking nature, he does have a internal body under all the metal.


Devonate is a rather nerdy character who often is seen reading from books or looking up information. Ironically, he knows very little about himself and often acts surprised when he discovers powers and abilities he has. He is curious, perhaps too much, to the point where it can annoy others.



The last of his kind, Devonate is a traveller who lives on Minos' Moon in a isolated base. While very lonely, he finds comfort in reading and knowing about the unknown. Even he is unsure about most of his species' past, although they are hinted to be ancient and almost immortal.


During the events of ZIN, Devonate is attacked by strange creatures from another dimension, which badly harm him. As he limps to a escape pod, he lands on Minos in the Willowing Woods. Crawling out, he gets help from Meldi who searches for a healer. During their journey, they become close friends.





Name Info
ZINNeutralStandardSlither Spin
ZINNeutralSideFast Shove
ZINNeutralUpIron Jump
ZINNeutralDownKneel Turn




Easily one of his closer relationships, as she helped him back to help after the attack by the mysterious creatures from the alternate dimension. She seems to have romantic tension with him, although the two deny it when questioned.



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