Devina Kilmister
Devina by Exotoro (tbc).
Current Age 27
Date of Birth April 16th
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Supernatural beings, chicken tenders and fries, positive actions, daylight hours, country music, storywriting, Black Eyes (currently)
Mallory, Jefferson Jackson and cronies, Black Eyes (formerly), the whining of her baby Larry, handling laundry, long waits, big fibs
Height 6'01"
First Appearance The Reminder
Devina Kilmister is the central character of When Hell Freezes Over, and also one of the various inhabitants of the Zaxinian Lifts. She is a nervous person that's easy to crack down, but she is willing to go up to the task of anything and will do anything to defend her child Larry from predators that dare hunt her child. She is friends with Black Eyes, having befriended him after besting him at the end of When Hell Freezes Over and during the course of her story Devina and the Typhoon Resort.


Devina is an adult character with rectangular glasses, having long black hair and red irises, and a pure white face and body. She wears a red tank top with a halo shaped figure above the stomach area. She also wears grey shorts and grey sandals. Her face usually seems to be wet with tears, as a result of high stress. Her hair is usually left alone and wild, but she will occasionally style it for occasions -- if she feels like it.


Devina is nervous and generally unstable as a person, being frightened by even the slightest of noise, but can stand her own ground when her life depends on it. Devina really does not like to be alone and stays around powerful figures that know how to guard her. She is prone to crying and fasting, but can prove to be rather intrusive of others and snotty when her emotions are at their most stable. Devina does not trust dark places or machinery-based buildings, but will enter them if highly protected. Devina likes cracking jokes and tries to do them, but she can barely ever do them.


Devina has no extraordinary abilities, but her dexterity and intelligence are somewhat higher than the average human being, and is good at sensing her way out of very, very dire situations, but is also good at getting into them. She also speaks with near-perfect English, yet has a certain stutter that makes her easy to identify.

Relationship with Other Characters

Black Eyes



While their friendship was interrupted by Black Eyes, the two have gotten along decently well, and the two have some sort of very weak love for each other, as they treated each other well and liked each other's comfort. Devina wasn't fond of how stern Pierce was, though, yet was really glad with the efforts he set up to protect her.



  • Considering her past, she is currently the most miserable person residing within the Lifts, as well as the most traumutized.

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