The Devilings are the six children of Devili. D Koopa. They first appeared in New Super Mario Bros: The Underground as world bosses.

Dawg Koopa

Deviling Dawg
Dawg Koopa's mouth is being held together by a headphone, thus his mouth is the weak point. He attacks by throwing synthesizers like boomerangs. He seems to also not be able to hear very well.

Farmer Helbrowning Koopa

Farmer HelBrown
Farmer Helbrowning often plays with his Chicken Suit Goombas, but when he is needed, he'll use them as his main source of an attack. He doesn't have a spiked shell, so Mario will need to use the Chicken Suit Goombas to bounce off and hit him in the shell. He also seems to know how to tame most of the Mushroom Kingdom's creatures.

Blocko Koopa

Blocko Koopa
Blocko Koopa is one of the two Devilings to not have a tail or an pitch-fork. Notably the most conversational, Blocko attacks using a wooden wand to send down blocks to attack Mario and friends. However, by attacking the blocks, they will fly and bounce all over the room, and blow up when Blocko touches them. More info can be found at: Blocko Koopa

Tom Deviling

Tom Deviling is the another Deviling not to have a tail or pitch-fork. He causes cave-ins by detonating bombs. He can be destroyed with his own boulders. He also more humanlike than Deviling due to his mother Princess Lily.


Rover Deviling
Rover is a robotic Deviling. He uses machinery and computer viruses against Mario and Friends, but his weakness is the plug behind him.


Garry is very odd looking Deviling due to time travel. His weakness is his eyes. He attacks using dinosaurs and using his artificial leg to attack.

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