Devan is one of the two protagonists of The Elementalists. He is a rather level-headed person aware of the limitations to his own power, but he can be rather condescending at times. He is quick to judge, and can be overprotective of Andromeda at times.

Skills & Abilities


These are Skills & Abilities he can perform, regardless of whether or not Andromeda is present.

  • Demonic Claw- Swipes his arm, after creating black claws that extend beyond his normal reach
  • Night Slash- Swings his foot in a wide arc, propelling it with darkness
  • Dark Harpoon- Launches a black harpoon that latches onto a target; propels himself forward and kicks off
  • Shadow Blade- Creates an etheral blade of darkness which he can fight with for a limited time
  • Hell Buster- Large black spikes launch out underneath the target, also hitting nearby targets
  • Negatron Colossus- Summons a massive, black tank mounted with a shadow canon
  • Veil- Hides in the shadows, travelling under obstacles (Can pull Andromeda in)
  • Break- Disassembles certain obstacles atom by atom


These are Skills & Abilities he can only perform when Andromeda is also present.

  • Yang Spin- Andromeda creates blades of lights out of the gaps in her boots while Devan spins her around
  • Matrix Blades- Prism and Shadow blades are created for dual-wielding (Andromeda flies away temporarily)
  • Elemental Burst- Devan creates a black hole to suck in enemies before Androma throws them outward with a large supernova

Note: Italics denote a Skill available from the beginng. Bold denotes a Tension Overlimit.

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