Litle P Art

This is a Litle P and Sandslash Series work. Please rate it on the talk page. All characters, items, and locations are credited to [ Max2.

Chapter One: Teddy-o is Missing

As soon as the phone rang, I knew that I, Detective P, had a case on my hands. I picked it up, and soon got the cry for help. Someone had stolen Princess Cleffa's Beloved Teddy Bear. How horrible. I packed my supplies. Flashlight, Hat, Rope, Unfinished Sandwhich, other stuff, all here. I walked outside, wishing I had packed a jacket. I forgot it was snowing. Oh well. I walked to the scene of the crime. There was a Teddy Bear-shaped hole in the snow. I took a picture of the location. I continued. Cleffa was in need. And I, Detective P, was on the case.

Chapter Two: Suspect One

I continued, drinking the rest of my Kool-Aid on the way there (I insisted on beer, but Mommy said no). When I arrived, Cleffa gave me a picture of the Missing Teddy Bear. I immediatly knew who would have taken it. She gave me the photo, and off I went. The night was still young, but the temperature was already starting to get cold. How does Sherley Holes get around with this stupid coat on? When I arrived, I already saw him, playing football with his friends. "FWEEZE, CWIMINAL!" I shouted, as I knocked Squirtle to the ground. I ended up getting clunked un-consious by a football, but let's ignore that detail.

Chapter Three: Suspect Two

I ran to Randy's house in hopes of finding the Missing Teddy Bear. After I tackled Squirtle, he proceeded to beat me Black and Blue (then get grounded). He didn't have it. Take a minute to imagine: you are looking for a Stolen Teddy Bear held by an important princess. You are 7 years old, and it is snowing. It's 7:00 at night and you are dressed like Sherley Holes. Back on topic, I knocked on Randy's Door. When I opened it, I realized I had walked into the house of another possible-crook. I immediatly went cold, but tried to act nice as Mrs. Eevee made me some Xtra-Kool hot chocolate. I immediatly started small talking about the Bear with Randy and Lotey. He said he hadn't seen it, but he was sttutering a bit. I asked what was wrong, and he said it was just the cold. I reminded him he had Hlt Chocolate and Air Conditioning. He then fessed up and said that he overheard Poliwrath and Sandslash talking about it. I thanked Randy, Lotey, and their Mom, and ran off to the Kid Base.

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