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Litle P Art

This is a Litle P and Sandslash Series work. Please rate it on the talk page. All characters, items, and locations are credited to [ Max2.

Chapter One: Scene of the Slime

Detective P, reporting for duty, I answered. Go away, she shouted. Where was I? In Jiggy's Lab. Somebody stole her Jetpack Blueprint, and covered her lab in icky slime. She told me I could help if I stayed out of her lab. "Awight" was my only reply as I walked out of the room. And tripped on slime and got a cut. I didn't even know I could cry that loud!

Anyways, I'm back on track now. Let's see... who has slime... The Amigoes! As I walked to Squirtle's House, I tripped over a rock and landed on my cut. I think I lost my voice from the screaming. Sandslash told me my voice would dissapear if I didn't find it! Job on hold, I need that voice!

Chapter Two: Detective Cleffa

By the time I found my voice, it was almost dinner time. I had to hurry! I ran to Squirtle's house, and to my amazement...

Cleffa was standing there in exactly the same clothes as me! She turned to be and gave me a completly innocent, "Hi Litle P!"

"Cweffa! What awe you doing hewe!" I shouted. She said she was investigated the case at Jiggy's Lab. How she found out about that, I will never know. I decided to take up her offer to team up, but only because she already found a clue. A piece of the Blueprints! We took it, knowing we had come to the right place.

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