Detective Kirby
Developer(s) Decca03
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Fantendo3ds
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Mystery
Series Kirby

Detective Kirby is a Kirby spin-off where Kirby becomes a detective.

He solves mysteries all over Pop Star.

Opening scene

Sherlock Holmes is walking down the streets. It's a dark and foggy night. He looks down and sees Kirby.

"My word!" exclaims Holmes.

Kirby sucks him up and gets the Holmes hat and pipe. The title screen appears where you start a new game.

Main Characters

Image Name Bio
Kirby Smash Kirby Kirby couldn't help sucking up Sherlock Holmes and now he's a detective with great skill.
KRtDL Waddle Dee-1- Waddle-Dee Kirby's pal, he helps solve all the cases. Even though he can't suck any detectives up, he's a good mystery solver!
Dedede Alpha King Dedede He solves mysteries with the rest of Kirby's gang. Although he isn't very smart, the king's hammer proves to be useful.
MetaKnightFlightKRTDL Meta Knight The last member of Kirby's gang, Meta Knight is smart and his sword is just as useful as the king's hammer.


# Title Mystery
1 The Shattered Windows The windows in Waddle-Doo's house have been shattered! He is scared to death, however nobody has broken in. He calls in Kirby to investigate.
2 The Ghost Limo A limo drives through the streets day and night. But there is no driver! Kirby must investigate.
3 Kirby's Ninja Showdown A strange ninja is the mastermind behind all the recent robberies! Kirby and the team must have a showdown!
4 The Cake Kirby's cake is stolen! Now he must hire himself, and his gang, to come and investigate.


Title Mystery Price
The Devil's Cave Kirby and his friends can't help noticing that people aren't coming out of a cave! They decide to go in and end this once and for all! 10,000 cakes
The Cup King Dedede has a special cup! But it gets stolen! Who is the crook? Kirby is accused and he has to prove he didn't do it. 20,000 cakes
The Magnet Maze There is a maze that nobody has known the truth behind for years. It's the Magnet Maze, and why can you walk on walls? 30,000 cakes
The Dimension of Evil Kirby and the gang get sent to another dimension! There, Kirby is an evil destroyer and the bad guys are good! What is the secret behind The Dimension of Evil? 50,000 cakes
The Level A strange gang known as the Level is robbing places all over! Kirby decides to stop them, but he and his friends must uncover the deadly secret behind the Level. 60,000 cakes


There are three minigames, one is default and the others can be earned by getting cake and buying them.

Cake Smack

The default minigame, Cake Smack is simple. It's just like Whack-a-Mole but with cakes. For every ten cakes you hit you earn one cake (the game's money).

Knight Kirby

This minigame costs 20,000 cakes. It's just like Samurai Kirby, but knight themed. The background is a castle in the evening. The players are in front of the door.

For everybody you beat, you get 10 cakes. There are up to a hundred opponents in one game, it can pick randomly from every Kirby enemy ever invented.

You can also buy Yellow Kirby (15,000 cakes), Green Kirby (15,000 cakes), Red Kirby (20,000 cakes), and Blue Kirby (20,000 cakes).

Waddle March

This game costs 10,000 cakes, in it there are two Waddle-Dees. One is by a door on the other side of the bridge. Press the A button as fast as you can or the Waddle-Dee will fall while getting across the bridge. As the levels go on, you get longer bridges. For beating the game, you get 12,000 cakes, there are 1,000 levels.

Message to all readers

I am Decca03; I worked hours and put a lot of thought into this game. The links to the levels will come soon, but please take the time to post a comment, thanks!

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