Desugēmu: The Death Game
Game's logo
Developer(s) Maximus G&P
Publisher(s) KRYONE
Platform(s) MBit
Release Date(s)
June 1, 2014 in Japan, America and Europe pending
History, Sudden Death, Online Sudden Death
Age Rating(s)
T +14
Genre(s) Survival Horror, RPG
Series The Death Game

The Game of Death (デ ス ゲ ー ム / Dezugēmu in Japan) is a game for MBit developed by Maximus Game & Play accompanied by the new system 3RaDar. The game was released on June 1, 2014 in Japan but is pending in America and Europe.

History Mode

The reality of death (デ ス の リ ア リ テ ィ / Desu no Riariti)

Koishi Ichineko (市 猫 恋 死 / Ichineko Koijini) began working at a restaurant, having finished college. He was doing well, until one day he saw his partner Fura Uchikaze (内 風 樂 / Uchikaze Fura) stabbing restaurant's waitress Muzai Nize (偽 無罪 / Nize Muzai). Koishi, disturbed by what happened, escapes through the kitchen window. The next day, curious but afraid Koishi enters the restaurant and sees Muzai serving chicken to a family. Koishi pushes Muzai into the kitchen and demands explanations. Then he realizes the terrible fact that everyone has to die.

Vortex of Fears (渦の恐れ/Uzu no Osore)

Yūki Ryū (勇 気 龍 / Yūki Ryū) confirmed an updated story mode in October. Muzai is intrigued of the fact that (after killing Koishi and Komari) she didn't save the world, having 15 minutes left to stop the meteor. Then she realizes that Komari's blood isn't real and tries to kill her, however, Komari escapes and tries to revive Koishi. Ryu spoiled that 1/5 from the story will be in Komari's point of view trying to save Koishi.

Sudden Death Mode

In sudden death mode you can pick between Koishi, Muzai, Fura, Komari, Honmono, Kurusu or Ampharos, and you have to kill the other 6 worldsavers in 15 minutes or less.


Koishi Ichineko (市 猫 恋 死 / Ichineko Koijini)

Muzai Nize (偽 無罪 / Nize Muzai)

Fura Uchikaze (内 風 樂 / Uchikaze Fura)

Komari Kowa (怖小毬 / Kowa Komari)

Honmono Wasu (忘本物 / Wasu Honmono)

Kurusu Sion (死音来栖 / Shion Kurusu)

Satsujin Hikari 'Ampharos' (光殺人 / Hikari Satsujin)

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