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"Welcome to death, my puffy little friend!"- Destructope to Yen, Shadow Warrior Yen

Destructope (Evil D by Yen) is a dark spirit who was trapped in the stone of power 5,000 years ago. Hehe cracked that stone, revealing this dark lord. He is the final boss of Shadow Warrior Yen.


Evil D is a black spirit with arms. He is covered in a purple aura, which is a result of being trapped in the stone of power. He has triangle eyes, like a Jack O' Lantern. His eyes seem to be bleeding, though Shadow Warrior Yen is said to have no blood, so maybe it is red tears.


Evil D has many abilites. He can shoot blasts of darkness, make shadow waves, mind control low level people, and create a duplicate of himself. Though the duplicate's attacks do not do any damage, so it is there to confuse you.

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