Full Name Destructan
Current Age Eternal
Gender Male
Species God
Family and Relations
The rest of the gods, Roxas, Intarra
Main Weapon(s) N/A
Lord Destructan, Banished One
First Appearance Omegaverse: Confidential

Destructan is a god and the main villain in the Omegaverse: Confidential saga. He was formerly the leader of the gods but was banished by Talus for trying to rid the world of mortals. He is the father of Roxas and Intarra.


Destructan was created in the Spirit Realm from absolutely nothing, along with some other gods, like Talus. Destructan slowly helped create the world with his friends, but when he found out mortals would be living in his world, not him, he was angry, so he started to plot against the mortals. Talus found out and banished Destructan from existence, and Talus became the new leader of the gods. Destructan's prison broke when time started running faster in The Omegaverse, and is re-banished by Logjam and Rattly Duck. However, Destructan is revealed to have kids named Roxas and Intarra, and Destructan uses a mind link with them to break himself out of the banishment in Confidential: Destructan's Descend. More coming...