The Destroyer are Hard-mode counterparts of Eater of Worlds, they first appeared

from Terraria, they now soon appear as bosses in some games, they attack like

they did from Terraria, but will have new attacks in different games, it first appeared as a hard mode boss in Super Mario : The Invasion


They look like robotic version of Eater of Worlds, and does not break apart when pieces are hurt, it would instead die as an entity.

Attack Patterns

The Destroyer has the same attack patterns as the Eater of Worlds, except it would summon probes when hurt, it would get its own attack pattern in some games

Super Mario : The Invasion

It appeared as a hardmode boss in Super Mario : The Invasion, in the Terraria Cave, Mario finds some scratches on the wall, and some tombstones, that says "R.I.P. the one who was eaten and smooshed to pieces by Destroyer", after reading some tombstones, Mario hears some Rumbling, as the screen shakes, it stops, then Mario dosent hear anything, after a few seconds, the Creature Burst out of the ground, and the battle begins, it would attacks Mario like the Eater of Worlds did, except it would send out Probes if hurt 2 times, to hurt this creature is by throwing a stone block which appears if Mario dodges the creature correctly, if he fails, he would have to try again, If hit 3 times, he would to onto his second phase which it would leave behind mines, making the Boss fight harder, after hitting it 6 times, it would blow up into pieces as it shatters, letting Mario pass

Super Mario : Adventures to the Center of the Earth

It appears as a boss, this boss is somehow hard to beat, as he is in lava instead of rocks/dirts/stones, and will jump out of the lava, Mario has to kill the boss quickly before the timer runs out, if the timer runs out, the lava rises, and will fill the whole room up, killing mario, he will summon Probes to attack him after its hurt, if hurt 3 times repeatedly, the left platform, and the right platform (if hit 3 times again) will fall, making the fight harder, his attacks are : Burrowing out of lava, summoning Probes, Dropping a green shell from the ceiling on which platform that mario is on, if defeated, it will blow up into pieces, sinking into lava, letting mario pass


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