Destinies is an upcoming Fantendoverse short story written by Drackula. It will be worked on over the Winter Vacation, and is said to focus on Cura's developement and give closure to some of the creator's other characters. Other major Fantendoverse characters will make appearances as well. If the story were to be canon-ized, it would take place shortly before the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.



While on a mission against the Threat, Cura begins to doubt her selfworth and wonders who she was truly meant to be. Meanwhile, a former circus act is on the run from The Threat's forces. 

Full Story

It was a silent, cold winter day. Snow had seemed to cover over what used to be a vibrant and colorful city. Music was replaced with a cold, unsettling wind. The only lively thing in sight was the town circus, bursting with lights and colors, sure to catch anyone’s eye.

The circus was a true crowd pleaser. People were jumping through lightning bolts, taming wild beasts, but one act seemed to intrigue the most people.

Her name was Kiya. At first she appeared to be a simple sword juggler, nobody noteworthy. But as the show went on, she started juggling dozens upon dozens of swords, and a rumor began circulating that she was a witch. After she was done with her performance, none of the swords had even left a mark.

“We hope to see you all again next time!” Kiya and the other performers exclaimed to the crowd as the show ended. Loud cheers echoed throughout the circus tent. Kiya, knowing her job was done for the day, exited the stage.

But little did she know the trouble she was about to get into.

It’s been a while since the last mission against The Threat. A calm before the storm, if you will. A few days of peace.

On this particular day, Cura and Strafe were standing over a strangely large crater in the ground. It looked as if multiple bombs were set off there, yet the surrounding area was surprisingly in tact.

“Gee golly!” Cura said. “This sure is a darn big ol’ crater. I wonder how it got here?”

Strafe, obviously annoyed that Cura’s 80s speak hadn’t been fixed, replied. “Apparently it’s the result of an explosion during a fight against The Threat’s forces. I think there used to be a bar here, actually. It was called The Jam… or something…”

Cura looked distraught. “Did… people die here?”

“Probably.” Strafe said, almost nonchalantly. Cura stared at Strafe, horrified. “That’s what happens in a war. Sorry, I know you’re new around here. It’s just that…” Strafe paused, thinking of words to say.

“But, I don’t get it.” Cura said. “This life is so valuable… why would someone just take it all away?” There was silence. Strafe didn’t have an answer.

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