The artwork.

Desert Fortress is an area in the desert. It is a board in Super Mario Party 10, and the second board in Story Mode. Once you beat it in Story Mode, you unlock Morton. The boss of the board is Mummipokey.


To navigate the board, you 

The map.

must go up the path until you reach the arrows. One path takes you to a slightly shorter path with a Lucky Space, while the other one has three Mini-Star Spaces. After going down one of the paths, you reach an Unlucky Space, eventually leading to steps with an Event Space on them. If you land on the Event Space, the stairs will drop you. Once you reach the top, you must climb the walls over to the other steps. There are Event Spaces on the walls that fire you in a cannon to either the Boss Space or somewhere towards the start. You eventually go down the steps and reach the Boss Space.

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