The Deserets are a group of Nomadimice in the video game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 2. Being very similar in appearance to the ones in the original Paper Mario, it can be assumed that they are the same species. The Deserets do not actually wonder the Dry Dry Desert, but they have set up their own civilization since Mario's last visit, namely a city called Sahkala, a brisk trade with the neighboring areas, advanced technology, a fair law system, a source of agriculture and irrigation, and many other elements of civilization. Mario and co. visit this city in Chapter 3 when it is under attack from Empress Timeblazera's minions. The Deserets are ruled by a King Deseret (the current one King Moustafa Deseret I) and/or a Queen Desereta. Their worst enemies are the Starkies, a group of "troublemaking," as they put it, Bomb-ombs.

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