• Descendant:Wrath Of The Gods or D:WOTG is a prequel game to the GBA RPG Franchise called Descendant. It is far darker than the original series and has a mature story and plot. It will release on November 16th the day that is mentioned throughout the game.It will be released on PS4,Xbox One,Xbox Scorpio,Steam and Wii U.


  • Gameplay is similiar to LOZ with you adventuring and solving puzzles to get through levels but there's also the God meter due to you playing the demigod Cassius meaning you can deal heavy damage to opponents. You also gain God abilities throughout the game such as teleportation,flying and pyshic abillities aswell as elemental powers. It is mainly a hack and slash too meaning you can string up different combos in combat where you can use many weapons like swords,daggers or hammers. There's also a karma meter changing the kingdom of Guardia,Having bad karma causes the sky and world to become more onimous whilst being good changes the world to bright,happy skies and world.
  • Theres also the ability to put your mii's into the Wii U versions overworld.


  • In the year 1655,A Thief Boy called Balkan is took to the throne room for a trial after being caught stealing gold. He is sentenced to being crushed to death,soon the teenage demigod cassius rescues him,accidently kills the king and escapes having to do seven tasks to stop the seven hearts of seven children being collected by Antoino the royal advisor. He then arrives at the gods spire and is given his first ability,Flight,at first he struggles then he learns how to control his flight abillity and so arrives at the first village and does the first task,defeat the legendary dragon Vanav'Eli. Soon after defeating it he gains his reward and the first child Is safe and the guards looking for him are mislead by a sprite fairy. Soon,Cassius comes across an incredibly sick girl who's the second sacred child and needs to have a cure created so Cassiuses task is to gather up the ingredients for the alchemists to cure her sickness. He doesn't want to do the task initially but does so to please the gods and so carries onto the third boy in the dessert town.
  • Soon,Cassius reaches Hunters End,a huge winding maze like desert where he comes across the third sacred child called Diego who wants to learn his ways and so Cassius takes Diego to The Dessert Temple and House of Winds where he faces off against the golem called Sacara. After defeating it he then carries in with diego to gain the hourglass and returns him home even through he wants to stay in the temple.

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