Artwork of Des.

Des is one of the playable characters in Camwoodstock Smash Bros. She is powerful and can fly but is very HP-low and Defense-low. She is a angel.

List of Special Attacks

  • Fly (This is technically an attack as if a wing touches a foe whilitst flapping it counts as chip damage)
  • Thunderlow (Throw thunder strikes below her if she is in the air.)
  • Windoff (Makes wind currents for 10 seconds in the direction of where she is facing for everyone but her.)
  • Wing cutter (She throws a wing at the closes opponent, instantly coming back to her after attacking the foe. Powerful but disables flying leaving Des vulnerable.
  • FINAL SMASH: Rainbow Isles (A play on "Rainbow Island", a bubble bobble game. Much like the main attack, the can throw around rainbows that act just like the game they origin from. Platforms and weapons. Attack lasts for 20 seconds.)

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