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The Wright Sisters are twin sisters in the Ella-Metals series. They were born on 7th February 2003.


Deryn is one of a non-identical twinwhose parents moved into the area whilst their mother was pregnant, thus breathing the air in, with hidden pathogens of the meteorite's gas.

So there chances of a power was decided in a 50-50 split, they were to inherit half-powers or only one to have powers in another 50-50 split. After her parents keeping her unknown ablilities secret for most of her childhood.

She was at home in VineVille, Deryn discovered her power when wandering the streets of VineVille on the eve of her 16th birthday after brutally witnessing her best friend (and her househould) plummet into the VineVillian marshes. 

Turning into a fully fleged adult, she refused to move.

There are two types of Half-Powers, ones which are given a random power, the other, the ability to use any power with there own hands if some of the substance is being touched. They were subject to bullying at school, and being picked on due to being different.


Deryn is the quieter and smarter one, she connects logic and knowledge together with tasks. Normally shy and reserved, being reflected by her long dark brown hair sometimes drooping over her eyes, she can have a rebellious side as shown when she is forced to move. She is organised, but lacks self-confidence.


Although twins, they are anything but identical! Summer has tied-up light blonde hair, while Deryn has long dark brown hair, they share their father's dark brown eyes. Deryn is a few inches taller than Summer, with Deryn being almost 6ft, whilst Summer stands at 5"7.


Ella-Metals 5

The Wright Sisters are two of the four main playable characters in the 5th Ella-Metals game. After turning 18, they choose to retire their post and choose the new protector. But they find that they must stop one new threat to finish the deeds.

In this game, they are revealed to have a Elemental Box, a box with small samples of many powers in, so they can use it at any time.

Stelios Scramble

The Wright Sisters are unlockable characters. As expected, they attack using the Elemental Box.


Ella-Metals vs. Battle of Bracelets

They are unlockable characters and have a similar moveset to their previous appearances.


  • They were originally to have their own spin-off sidescrolling series, after starring in a game with Ella. But was cancelled for unknown reasons. This was probably due to their debut being favoured for Ella-Metals 5.
  • They are based off two people Stelios7 (tbc) knows in real life.
  • Deryn has a striking resemblance with Deryn of Battle of Bracelets fame.

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