Derpy's Artwork.

Derpy is one of the playable characters in Camwoodstock Smash Bros.. She is quick and can fly, but is bad at attacking and is the only character who trips. She is a Pegasus.

List of special attacks

  • Fly (Much like des, chip damage occurs when the wing flaps and a character is near.)
  • Barrel Roll (In air. Spin dash pretty much.)
  • Muffin Buster (Much like mega man's mega buster... With MUFFINS.)
  • Headband whip (Her artwork stays loyal! She gets the main attack of whip ability from kirby's return to dreamland.
  • FINAL SMASH: Derped Out (She lays effects on the screen, such as turning it 90, 180, and 270 degrees, Making a rave party color flash occur, or flip it horizantally/vertically.

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