Derek: Attack of the Teletubbies
Derek Attack of the Teletubbies
Publisher(s) AB Enterprises
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) RPG

Derek: Attack of the Teletubbies is an RPG game published by AB Enterprises for the first Crossover Swap Day. It is for the Wii U, and combines the series Derek with the series Teletubbies.


Broad Hill

During the night, Derek Noakes and Hannah are feeding an elderly woman a baked potato. Hannah then puts a blanket over the woman, and she quickly falls asleep. Derek and Hannah discuss how well they did with the woman, while she instantly wakes back up and runs away. Derek and Hannah follow her out of the room, and find out that all the elderly people of the home are going down to the first floor and leaving. Derek and Hannah grab random senior citizens and ask them what's going on, but the citizens push them aside, ignore them, and continue leaving Broad Hill. Hannah tells Derek to follow the citizens while she checks to see if there's anyone left.

Derek goes downstairs and follows the citizens for as long as he can, until an Appendage-Painting Child gets in his way, and they begin a battle. Derek beats the child and goes downstairs, finding that everyone is stepping into a rainbow light outside and disappearing. Appendage-Painting Children are also stepping out of the light and coming towards Derek. Derek gets through the children and to the light, where it sucks him into the land of the Teletubbies.

Meanwhile, Hannah is searching for stray citizens of Broad Hill, when she too encounters an Appendage-Painting Child.


Playable Characters

Character Description Moveset
Derek NoakesDerek Noakes Derek is the protagonist of the game. He can attack using several different animals.
  • Spider (0 PP) Derek swings a spider on a web like a whip, hitting his opponent. Default move.
  • Aardvark (1 PP) Derek sends an aardvark to run at the enemy. Default move.
  • Penguin (2 PP) Derek sends a penguin to toboggan at the enemy. Learned at level 4.
  • Giraffe (6 PP) Derek climbs up the neck of a giraffe, making the giraffe the one who performs and receives attacks, not him. The giraffe has 10 HP. After all its HP goes away, Derek climbs back down. Learned at level 8.
    • Giraffe Kick (0 PP) Usable only by the giraffe while Derek is on its neck. The giraffe kicks the opponent.
    • Giraffe Neck (3 PP) Usable only by the giraffe while Derek is on its neck. The giraffe bashes the opponent with its long neck.
    • Derek-Giraffe Combo Attack (6 PP) Usable only when Derek is on the giraffe's neck. The giraffe bashes the opponent with its neck five times, while Derek hits the opponent with a spider five times.


Enemy Stats Moveset Location(s)
Appendage-Painting Child
Appendage-Painting Child
  • HP: 5
  • ATK: 5
  • DEF: 5
  • SPD: 5
  • Paint Punch (0 PP) Punches the opponent.
  • Paint Throw (1 PP) Throws a ball of paint.

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